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Egg size testicles that are large like those on a moose, especially a pair that is extra droopy.
person 1: Roscoe was tea bagging me the other day and his balls were so big they wouldn't even begin to fit in my mouth.

person 2: Oh, you didn't know he had moose nuts?
by The Tea Bagger December 20, 2010
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when your nuts hang down to your knees due to a lack of semen.
the man pulled down his pants to moon us, but all we saw were his moose nuts.
by Ipodium November 07, 2007
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actual meaning: It's a term for a sign of aging in a man, (Canadian origin) It's the time when your testicles hang down lower than the tip of your penis.
You could tell he was getting old as he had developed moosenuts
by Helga Bungerbutt May 09, 2013
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