2D creatures that hail from the inner core of the moon - which is the center of the universe, not Earth - equipped with technology beyond human comprehension.
An example of that technology is their lasers, which move faster than the eye can follow; and their ability to jump much higher than we human's can.
by God December 9, 2004
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Actually Mooninites are not 2 dimensional, contrary to popular belief they inhabit 5000 dimensions
We, the mooninites have advanced beyond comprehension even using 100% of your human brain.
by Not_Tim January 24, 2007
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Two characters from another planet, off the show Aqua Team Hunger force.
"Suspicious objects found throughout Boston after morning bomb scare" -- Mooninites. Stupid ass police department and Mayor.
by Dat nigga D February 1, 2007
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noun. (second definition).
A special type of dynamnite, the only weapon human kind has against those 50000 dimensional bad boys, the mooninites themselves.
Fred: God damn those mooninites to hell! A bunch of them came in the night, shaved the dogs, took all the tea cups and spread moon dust everywhere.

George: Don't worry mate. I've got my hands on a few sticks of mooninite. Call Bill, we'll need his car. We're gonna blow their little arses back to the moon. Oh yeah, and bring the itching powder and bleach, we'll giv'em a little something to send them on their way.
by robenk February 2, 2007
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