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Same as "witch" except painfully politically correct. First spotted on a Kmart Halloween display in 2004 in Macon, Georgia, USA. Kmart doesn't want to offend the witch demographic shopping at their stores, who might be offended by children impersonating authentic (and dillussional) witches, warlocks, and wiccans. Either that or Kmart does not want to be percieved by hypersensitive reactionaries as peddlers of the occult. Users of this word should be ridiculed almost as much as those who proport that witchcraft is real.
Litle darling, are you a spell caster for Halloween? You're so cute!
by Nick Mass October 29, 2004
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Consisting of one color or hue (or race). Used by liberal elites like the NY Times to deride communities that are racially homogeneous, whether or not that was by design, coincidence, organic growth, or ethnic clensing. This is a tacit accusation of racism towards those residents. It also puts a halo on New Yorkers who ride on mixed race subways while residing in racial, economic, religious, ethnically pure enclaves fiercely guarded by co-op boards.
The housing developments of Alpharetta, Georgia are largely monocromatic.
by Nick Mass June 1, 2005
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Someone with the lowest social standing, such that commoners may pee on them with impunity. One social level below serfs, untouchables, and freshmen.
by Nick Mass August 11, 2004
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the biological term used by sexologists to describe semen leaking back out of the vagina after unprotected hetero sex is flowback
I rolled over into the wet spot, woke up, and cursed the flowback.
by Nick Mass January 27, 2005
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