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(v.) the act of monking; to clone the libido of a monkey and catapult it into liquid hot magma

(v.) snuggling with a bushel of Florida oranges but realizing that it is really your father

(v.) pondering whether pickles are tastier than moldy bread or a multitude of hard-boiled eggs, or both perhaps
Girrl, why you monktify? That totally freaks me out. You taste like berger, I don't like you anymore.
by Bannana Girl February 10, 2005
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(v.) to take a monkey razor and cut a pinapple but realize that it is really your pet mole rat on a sunday afternoon

(v.) to realize the fact that muffins and mullets go together like folders and rainjackets which go together like sausage and penicillin which go together like noserings and metaphors which is directly proportional to party hats and shrimp cocktail which has joint relation to ninjas and poodles which is equivalent to barstools and porta johns which inversely relates to bangles and emus which in turn relates to garden hoes and coconuts which connects with starfruit and doorknobs which actually means rie bread and paper shredder
"Early to monktify, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

"To monktify, or not to monktify, that is the question"

"You monktify me, I kick yo face!"

"I know this girl who likes to monktify day and night, morning and evening, afternoon and at sunrise."
by Bannana Girl February 11, 2005
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