A situation in which the people involved yank your chain to create the illusion that progress is happening even though it isn't. A subtle smoke screen meant to confuse you.

It is a method often used by politicians, customer service reps and anyone else who wants to make you believe something is true.

Imagine a group of monkeys dancing or moving about to give the impression that they are working hard when, in fact, they aren't. Dancing monkeys are meant to distract you so that you take your eye off the ball.
1) Customer service is giving me the monkey hustle. I called for assistance with my bill. I spoke with three representatives, giving the same information, they say hold please then pass me to the next rep.

2) The confusion surrounding the pastor who wants to burn a holy book has officially become a monkey hustle.

3) This website is giving me the monkey hustle. Every time I click on a link it opens a new window directing me away from the information that I'm looking for.
by voodoo chile September 11, 2010
Depreciate the value of an item in order to make a quick buck
I monkey hustled my X Box 360 for fitty bones!
by CaseandGdog December 24, 2008
What junkies do in Mount Vernon NY.They put a few pennies in a cup,come up to you,rattle the cup and say "Help a brother out". They get enough change from
several people and go buy a bag a dope.
One narc said to he other narc"Yeah the monkey hustling are out on forth avenue is fierce today"
by Joedecop September 20, 2014