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1. Used to express discomfort and/or aggravation. 2. A well endowed male. 3. Emphasizes a joyous and/or celebratory occasion.
1. "Aw, moneycock! I accidentally ejaculated on my favorite capris!" 2. (In community shower) "Matumbo, you've got some moneycock!" 3. (While entering a titty-bar) "MONEEEYYCOOOOCK!"
by Lucky Louciano April 02, 2008
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The amount of money a fellow is willing to spend on strippers. If one has lots of cash on-hand, but tips frugally, one still has a small moneycock.
Steve has five hundred bucks in his pocket, but he's only given out three singles. Bill has a very small moneycock. Jimmy has bought five lap dances tonight, and he's still giving strippers money to tip other strippers, he has a huge moneycock.
by travalee January 16, 2012
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