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the french word for my darling, often used to bother your lover as they have no idea what you are saying.
Boy: My name is Mark.
Girl: I know that.
Boy: Then why did you call me mon cheri?
Girl: Asshole
Boy: My name is Mark....
by Tesstastic February 23, 2008
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Me: I adore you, mon cheri.
My boyfriend: I love you back, mon cheri.
Me: No, mon cheri, I cannot be your "mon cheri."
My boyfriend: Why not, mon cheri?
Me: Because I am a woman, mon cheri.
My boyfriend: What are you then, mon cheri?
Me: You need to call me "ma cherie" because I am female.
My boyfriend: You are so smart, ma cherie.
Me: And you make me delirious in bed, mon cheri.
by kjstjohn October 27, 2009
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A french word and it means "my dear"
a beautiful word and good as a name
Me:Hey, Mon Cheri?
You are beautiful!
her:Thank you.
me:your welcome.
by Raheem Smith October 04, 2008
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