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Molokhia is an Egyptian soup that tastes very very good. It is sometimes eaten in other Middle Eastern countries, but mainly in Egypt. Molokhia is also known by the term "jew's mallow". Molokhia is somewhat like spinach but it is different. The soup is somewhat slimy but it tastes excellent. You may be able to find Molokhia at Middle Eastern restaurants. Molokhia goes really well with rice and diced potatoes in tomato sauce.
Ahmed: "Hey Adam, do you know where I can get Molokhia here in Lincoln? I've had it up to here with burritos and pizza. I miss the good old masry food"

Adam: "Yeah, man. I know how you feel. Apparently the nearest Middle Eastern restaurant is in Omaha. Good luck dude, and please invite me if you make some dude. I almost forgot what Molokhia was.
by Adel7 August 23, 2007
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