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only the best of the best, forces unite

Molian's are the supreme force which is made up of three provinces, known as Mo-Morristown Li-Livingston An-Annandale

Don't ever try to mess with them, or else, you'll end up in the shiznit
Puny Parsipany- We suck! You are our supreme ruler of great Molians!
Montville- Oh yes i agree, and just to suck up to you, i say you three are looking great as usual!
mOlIaN- Um i don't know, your guys aren't worthy enough to be ruled by us.
by Silver October 23, 2003
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combination of the best towns in new jersey morristown livingston and annadale
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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1. an alliance.
2. the convergence of similar thought

1. Ryan, Ben and Vincent formed a molian.
2. MOLIAN took on the pathetic forces of Parsippany and Montville
by Benjamin Vuong October 16, 2003
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