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barbaric warrior that would go in to a frenzy before battle thanks to a special kind of mushroom, they would stand in front of the enemy army and taunt them. they where usually very big and strong, fight half naked (no armor) and used a big two handed axe... also they where susually the first to die, but the first to break the enemy's morale.
their actualll name was "berserka"... dont really remember what it ment in their lenguaje...
woa, that dude went totally berserk on those joks!!!... j00 g07 0wn3d f4g075!!!
by VacantHead December 30, 2005
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actually the mohawk was really introduced to the present time by US infantry in second world war to intimidate (dont really remember)german or japanesse soldiers when they charged or ataked face to face.

then punks adopted as their own... and i guess native americans had it first...

but now to many people do it... shame...
"woa, look at that dudes mohawk!!"
by VacantHead December 30, 2005
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