The "#1 rated college in the GHTA" because of the surveys they shove down their students' throats. Home to possibly the most unoriginal school mascot ever, Mo the hawk.
Employer: "Oh, you went to Mohawk College? Sorry but you don't qualify for the position."
by Labraderp September 13, 2017
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Mohawk is a great campus and looks amazing except the dorms. The worst dorms u will ever live in it looks like a prison AC doesn’t work for shit it gets to hot to the point when it feels like u dipped ur ball sack into ranch dressing. This college is know as a drug campus there’s ether crack heads or people that rub there sandy pussy and complain all the time. If ur planning to go and take classes there go for it but if u want to live there I wouldn’t u will definitely shove a cabbage up ur ass and regret it.
“What college do u go to” oh I go to Mohawk valley community college” “what are u a crack head”
by Stormcrum September 30, 2020
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