Someone who is a dumb nigga. Says the Stupidest things. And no one likes being around him.
by liltantan March 4, 2016
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The manliest of mocha coffees. It is a strong and manly caffeinated drink, originating in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Definite not to be confused with the mocha man.
Rebecca wasn't ready for how strong the man mocha was. But she sure was glad the mocha man was there.
by DrunkenDuncan November 22, 2018
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A term originating in the Reef (the main cafeteria) at St. John's University (Minn). The term refers to a mixture of hot chocolate and straight black coffee. Students need to concoct their own mocha because the Reef does not provide mochas and student's are far too poor to afford a $4 coffee from Starbucks everyday. The term 'hobo mocha' has also been used to describe this beverage.
Bennie: Is that hot chocolate?
Johnnie: No way! This is a Poor Man's Mocha!
by JR Saff September 20, 2011
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