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Abbreviation for 'might not talk'. Usually placed in MSN display names when busy or away.
John: Hey how you doing?
Bob: Good you?
John: Same. sec playing xbox mnt.
by Farmer Bin Laden January 12, 2010
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To make someone travel for the purpose of getting busy. "Mate and Travel"
Dan's so good he makes em MnT!

That skank is only good for MnT!
by the MnT master August 04, 2008
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a verbal expression that can be used to express resent or displacement. often used sarcastically. a replacement for hmpf
Man that chick is kinda hot over there dontcha think?

by tapia October 05, 2007
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Monkey Nut Tax. This is a term used by Penguinz0, a famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer, also known in game as "TurboWet." It is by law that when you cross this player that you forfeit your monkey nuts, an in game item in Runescape, to him. He has collected 1.2 million monkey nuts as of 2019.
I crossed TurboWet at the Grand Exchange and by MNT I had to give him all 3 thousand monkey nuts.
by ViolentKao January 05, 2019
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