A form of wrestling which is sometimes faked where women ( and teenagers recently) dressed in bikinis and skimpy outfits wrestle men . It was invented to prove that women are stronger than men is wrestling especially since it is scientifically proved women hvae stronger hips and legs.

In Some cases , women violate the rules and may sexually assault a male wrestler by groping his penis to make him submit.The rules also allows that.

Gruesome male torturing videos have been produced were a woman makes a man submit by smothering his penis and kicking it.
The hot Sandra beat up chris in mixed wrestling
by Connor25 October 26, 2007
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wrestling between a male and a female; It is common belief that males are stronger but if you watch a mixed wrestling match, you will see that this is false as the female just about always dominates the match using moves like the headscissors, bodyscissors, and facesitting. The key to the female victories is that it is scientifically proven that females have stronger leg and hip muscles than males.
Kim applied a tight headscissors on Bryan in a mixed wrestling match, leaving him no choice but to tap out as he could not breathe in the vice of her strong thighs.
by Thomas78 October 13, 2006
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A porn but without the sex. Also, a porn that can be easily watched on Youtube without any restriction. It's pretty sensual but a little violent.

The pairs doing it moan, breathe loudly and touch each other, except they're not having sex but hitting each other (if you close your eyes, it's so porno!). Seriously, it's so pornlike, but without the nudity and sex.

While in real porn, women tend to scream. In mixed wrestling, the guys are the screamers and they are very downgraded and treated like shit.

The woman enjoy facesitting on them, twisting their legs on their heads (perhaps it's turning them because their face is touching their pussy) and the guys scream in pleas...I mean agony.

The guys never get to hit back. It's always the woman hitting them.
Some typical lines from mixed wrestling -

Girl to guy: Hey bitch, sit your ass down I wanna sit on your face until you fucking choke!

Guy: Please mistress, let me go. I'll do anything for that! I'm really hurt!

Girl: CHOKE ON MY PUSSY CUNT! Drown it when it's cumming!

by Naughtynunu October 24, 2011
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