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A form of wrestling which is sometimes faked where women ( and teenagers recently) dressed in bikinis and skimpy outfits wrestle men . It was invented to prove that women are stronger than men is wrestling especially since it is scientifically proved women hvae stronger hips and legs.

In Some cases , women violate the rules and may sexually assault a male wrestler by groping his penis to make him submit.The rules also allows that.

Gruesome male torturing videos have been produced were a woman makes a man submit by smothering his penis and kicking it.
The hot Sandra beat up chris in mixed wrestling
by Connor25 October 26, 2007
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A colloquial term for a sexy,good looking woman who does'nt give a dam or care to the general false belief that men are stronger than women .The "vazina girl" often beats up men brutally and very often beat them till they beg for mercy.The key good thig in her is she does'nt want any gender discrimination and sets out to teach men that ,physically and is also sexy.

J: man , Zara is a vazina girl !
B: Why ?
J: She challenegd me to a fight for insulting her and beat me and kicked my ass ! I was ashamed and lost my male ego to a female !

Men were scared of the new Vazina girl who was known fo kicking their testis.
by Connor25 November 04, 2007
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