A compilation of songs (traditionally on a cassette tape, though CDs are acceptable) that one makes for oneself or another, normally a boy or girl they like. Fine examples of mixed tapes have liner notes and a snappy title. Some fools say: mix tape or mixtape but this is clearly wrong as you have mixed a tape for your or another's enjoyment.
"Here Nate, I made you this mixed tape over Christmas break."
"Oh you mean you made me a mix tape?"
"Never mind, I don't like you anymore."
by Holly Young May 8, 2008
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A selection of audio recordings taken from various musical groups and placed on one media (cassette, cd, mp3 playlist). It is often given as gift to friends and used in the courting rituals of teenagers.
"Hey, you're pretty... so I made you a mix tape."
by Tori Beth June 2, 2005
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Some stupid thing your friend gives you to try to make you feel better, but never works
Brian - you broke up with Carly? I'm gonna make you a mix tape!
Mark - ugh, please don't
Brian - why not?
Mark - i want to forget about it, not always remember it with that tape
Brian - o...
by TheFish97 March 7, 2012
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A mixed CD of personal songs made by one person that he or she is too ashamed to share with his or her buddies. The most common type of confidential mix tape is a CD full of love songs for Valentine's day.
Duder 1: "You're gonna leave the CD in her car so when she starts them shits up in the morning it'll start playing? Nicely done. When do I get to hear it."

Duder 2: "Never doggy! That's a confidential mix tape for sure."

Duder 1: "You're such a bitch dogg. I gots to hear your amazing love ballads."
by westfalia February 15, 2010
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A term for black people music, comes from the middle passage which black slaves would travel on during the slave trade
The local rap station was really blasting some of those middle passage mix-tapes
by Burrull October 21, 2013
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