Mitch Grassi is the sassy queen who don't give two shits if you hate him

He is perfection and can harmonize your stupidity away.

If you dare say is hairless cat Wyatt is ugly he will slap you and block your ratchet ass on twitter

Don't fukkin mess with Mitch Grassi cause he is the baddest bitch on the block
Idiot: "Mitch Grassi sings like a girl."

Mitch Grassi: "At least I use my voice for things that actually mean something to people."
by fuckyouokay June 22, 2014
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Mitch Coby Michael Grassi (Boy Princess/Queen) born July 24, 1992 is the stunning tenor in Pentatonix who is also dubbed as the "second woman" in PTX by first time listeners due to his shockingly high voice, which can even go higher than fellow band mate of Pentatonix; Kirstin Maldonaldo.

Mitch is also part of Superfruit, often stylized as Sup3rfruit, on YouTube where they have over 2 mil(as of May 2017) subscribers and the numbers are continuing to grow. He does Sup3rfruit with fellow band member of PTX and long time best friend in the whole world, Scott Hoying, where the pair post videos every or every other Tuesday.

No, the pair are sadly not dating, but yet they have given their watchers a ship name for them, called Scömíche. There are many fanfics written about them together, and they even reacted and recreated one on their channel.

Mitch is one of the most beautiful and adorable beings on earth and can do no wrong. His voice could bring a thousand angel from heaven back down to our world just to see what a true majestic and angelic being is.

He also does not care what you say if you're being negative and will not hesitate to be himself through his music, fashion, appearance, and the most powerful of them all; words.

In conclusion:

Mitch Grassi, fucking amazing and perfect every way, there's not even enough time or words in this lifetime to describe him.
Mitch Grassi is one of my major influences, not only in my music career, but also with life in general and I will always be thankful for that.
by BennyCallahan May 21, 2017
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A beautiful and majestical being with a voice of a thousand Angels. The amount of talent held within this person is mindblowing.

1/5 (tenor) of Pentatonix
1/2 of Superfruit
Person One: Who's Mitch Grassi?

Me: ...*eyes widen* I sHALL sHOW yOU •-•

*beauty overload*
by East_Of_Eden823 November 12, 2015
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Mitch Grassi is so amazing!
Did you see Mitch Grassi on Superfruit? He was so funny!
by Superfruitforlife September 10, 2018
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Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi born July 24, 1992 is a flawless queen. He has the most angelic voice and personality you will ever see in your lifetime. He doesn’t care if you make fun of him he will just shrug it off like the majestic queen he is.

He is part of an a cappella group called Pentatonix, if you have never heard their music I highly recommend it.

He is also a part of a YouTube channel called Superfruit. Which you should also check out. He owns it with his best friend, Scott Hoying who is also a queen. Scott also is a part of Pentatonix.

Scott and Mitch aren’t dating despite how many people think they are. They are just the best of friends. If you ever think you and your best friend are friend goals look at Mitch and Scott and think twice.

The reason everyone knows Mitch is a perfect angel is because of his flawless ness. He sings male tenor in Pentatonix. He often sings ear piercing notes that not even Beyoncé can hit.

Everyone loves Mitchy because he is truely the most god like being in existence.
“Who is that majestic queen??”

“Oh that’s just Mitch Grassi slaying all existence.”
by Amayiplier15 December 28, 2017
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Mitch Grassi is an I C O N I C god who can nothing wrong periodt.

He is literally stunning and he would snatch your weave at a singing battle 💅🏻
He claims he can't dance but we all know that's a lie
Oh and we stan 💁🏻
"Omg have you heard of Mitch Grassi?"
"I hear that a lot, you should"
by Mr Pritchard October 09, 2020
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