have sexual conquest with an asian, latino, pacific islander, and african
my friend won 3000 bucks in vegas bought a minority report, which included a room, and 8ball, and 4 hookers (an asian latino an pacific islander and a african)
by hessba December 29, 2011
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A white guy who is only interested in chicks of another race, i.e. asians, blacks, and latinos
My friend john is a minority report.
by Jintegrity April 7, 2004
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A guy who does not know how to use his hands to please a woman sexually. He moves his hands from genitals to breasts and all over the place. This movement resembles Tom Cruise's character from the film Minority Report when he is using the computer that he controls with the special gloves.
"Hey Susan, how did your date with Sean go last night? "
"Dinner was fun, but when we went back to my place he was all minority report so I said I had a headache."
by dulces120 December 2, 2009
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A sympathetic news story in the wake of criminal or unethical conduct by a minority member highlighting the stress the incident has caused others in the same minority.
The recent shooting at Fort Hood resulted in a spate of minority reports about Muslims in the military from the AP, Reuters, and major media outlets.
by Jamax November 7, 2009
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