An adult woman who can give you a blow job while standing up.
Cuntswaylow is a highly skilled and highly paid miniwhore. She stood directly in front of me, unzipped my fly, and sucked me off. And she didn't have to sit down or get on her hands and knees.

I enjoy having her ride my pole as I walk around the house, snacking and watching TV.
by Juan Toby Elfucking December 17, 2006
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Any member of FragSystem in UT.
Whenever I grab the flag, I get nothing but miniwhores all around me. Can't FS use any weapons other than minigun?
by dim February 21, 2004
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John A Metcalf aka BoNE-JuGGerNauT
That Kunt BoNE-JuGGerNauT is a miniwhore
by Slut February 27, 2004
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