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Minisink Valley is a place where dreams mean shit. No, literally. It is filled with rednecks and bimbos who think they are cool but they are just gay and annoying. The grape juice in the middle school is poisoned most likely and will give you a stomach like no other. If you enroll into the valley, beware. It is full of fakes and snakes that will try to unveil your deepest secrets and crushes. Trust me, i was there once, and no one can keep a god damn secret. y’all crusty dusty hoes tbh.
Dude 1: Hey dude 2, I go to Pinebush! Where do you go?

Dude 2: Minisink.

Dude 1: You fucking fetus!
by overdosed turtle June 27, 2018
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The absolute worst school in New York. Full of rednecks, blondes, and douchebags. Good luck finding someone decent. I came here in 7th grade but I should have ended it all.
Person 1: "Hey, have you heard of that school, Minisink?"
Person 2: "Oh yeah, you mean Redneck Land?"
by lionhut September 30, 2017
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n.) Name for a large place where many people converge of all sorts. Commonly used as a name for a terrible school. Also can be a place of intense social interacting. Also can be used as a name for a GREAT school!

n.) A place where many dreams are crushed
"Tim and I went to the nearest Minisink and we saw all the latest in the future of revealing clothing."
by Mr. Sun February 25, 2009
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