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A school that has a lot of jewish people. Spends money on new buildings instead of new bathrooms (havent been updated for like 20 years). People vape, do drugs, and expects themselves to go to a big college like harvard or yale.
by FlippZ October 03, 2018
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A terrible High school with an overrated reputation. Most people think of students who go here as ingenious, but most are average, or worse. In fact, the biggest similarity between students here would most likely be their inflated ego. Countless students will tell you that they are the modern image of Einstein, and are destined for Harvard, Cornell, or M.I.T. In reality, hardly anyone makes it into these schools, and if they do, Millburn has nothing to do with it. Most of the kids who end up in these schools are mercilessly teased by the majority of the student populus anyway. Millburn also has an exceedingly large population of kids who think they're way too cool to be bothered with anything having to do with academics. Either they believe money can solve everything, including bribing college boards, or they are too busy believing they are unique and brilliant individuals whose intelligence cannot be measured by tests. (because usually they'll get F's) It's too bad a great teaching staff is wasted on a terrible bunch of brats.
Student at Millburn High school: "Of course I'm going to Harvard, you idiot. Only the best get into that school, and that includes me."
by cheesedoggy September 10, 2010
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