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Immortalised by TV show the mighty boosh, a milky joe is a coconut with a face drawn on it, on a stick, with a tea cloth for clothes. In the boosh episode, Howard and vince are marooned on a desert island, and eventually have no friends but milky joes. but they soon find it was all a dream from drinking too much cocnut milk
1. Extract from mighty boosh
Howard: please get me a word with precious
vince: Haven't you got milky joe
howard: the mans an arse!

person1: WTF is that?
person2: this, my friend, is a milky joe!
by Leeko22Arsenal December 15, 2007
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a person with milky eyes who sits outside little shops rocking back and forth singing 'eh where is my milky josephine. always striving to learn more about the wold through their milky eyes.
a passer by: hey up milk
a passer by: oh, my bad, hey up milky joe wassup?
milky joe: i wanna learn more and i strive to learn more
by huuhuhu November 29, 2011
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A person with particulary white, or milky skin, and possibly white hair; similar to albinos
WOW! He's a proper Milky Joe
by Daniel Sawyer November 20, 2007
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