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The famous character from TV show The Mighty Boosh, Tony Harrison is a sarcastic pink bladder, with tentacles and a gift for strategy. He also comes equipped with a papoose.
Tony Harrison: "I say we move quickly... erm... with haste. We retreive that book... uh... we fetch it back... in a bag..."
Dennis: "Oh dear..."
Tony Harrison: "Give me five minutes, Ill think of something!"

Tony Harrison: "You absolute jerkoff!"
Saboo: "How dare you, you cleft!"

Tony Harrison: "THIS IS AN OUTRAAAGE!"
by Leeko22Arsenal June 15, 2008
to work or do something, but not whole heartedly. the result is the work is done terribly.
i was going to do some gardening, but i couldnt be bothered so i just potched. the gardens still fucking messy.
by Leeko22Arsenal August 14, 2007
Briljant 80s rock band. Members, and former members include

Axl Rose - Vocals; judging by other definitions, he broke up the band?
Slash - Guitar god. One of, if not the best guitarist ever
Steve Alder - Drums
Buckethead - Guitarist. No, i didnt know for a long time either. I haven't been a fan for that long though.
Izzy Stradlin - Rythym guitar.
Duff McKagan - Bass

These were NOT in the band at the same time and the members were way more than this. There was double the amount above (Axl...)

They did some great songs includin

Sweet Child O Mine
Welcome to the Jungle
Knockin on Heaven's Door
November Rain
Paradise City
Don't Cry

Appetite For Destruction
GNR Lies
Use Your Illusion I
Use Your Illusion II
The Spaghetti Incident?
Chinese Democracy which still hasnt been released

Slash cannot be beaten for his shredding.

All hail Guns n' Roses
by Leeko22Arsenal February 12, 2008
punk rock band from franklin, usa.

vocals - hayley williams
guitar - josh farro
bass - jeremy davis
drums - zac farro

often get praise because of hayleys prettiness, but their music is brilliant and they have a growing fanbase

albums -
all we know is falling

songs include -
misery business
person1: paramore rocked at the full ponty
person2: yeah, hayley was pretty
person1: they played really well
person2: yeah, and hayley was pretty
by Leeko22Arsenal November 11, 2007
1. A PS2 game by Rockstar Games (yes they did GTA) where you are 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins, who is sent to Bullworth academy school. The story is about Jimmy becoming leader of each gang (nerds, jocks, preppies, greasers) and ridding the school of bullies and corruption. It plays like GTA games because of the free roaming, little easter eggs, spoofs and humor

2. 'Dog Eat Dog' in latin
1. I am playing Canis Canem Edit while writing this definition.

2. Canis Canem Edit. Oh yeah!
by Leeko22Arsenal March 2, 2008
A very good film, but not worth the full price. Its 1 HOUR AND 10 MINUTES FOR GOD'S SAKE! And that's including the credits. However, great special effects and storyline.
"Did you see Cloverfield?! WAY good!"
"Yeah, I guess. Not worth that much though."
"I concur."
by Leeko22Arsenal August 21, 2008
when typed on a calculator, turn it upside down. yes that does say 'ShILE'. It is supposed to say 'ShItE' but there is no cross on the 't'. I do this when I am bored in maths.
'Bloody Hell, this is 37145'
by Leeko22Arsenal December 2, 2007