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1) An individual who prides themselves on their natural ability to determine the difference between MILFs, Cougars, and Soccermoms.

2) An authority on the authenticity of MILFs

3) TV show on Skinimax
Example (1)
Pat: Dude, I totally brought home a MILF last night.
Joe: That wasn't a MILF, that was a 40 year old prostitute.
Pat: You milfbuster.

Example (2)
Jack: Hey Joe, those three ladies there, any of them MILFs?
Joe: (pointing) Confirmed, Busted, Plausible.
by mars benson March 30, 2010
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Sort of like MythBusters, but everything on the show is about horny middle-aged women.
Welcome to MILFBusters. Up first on our show, we see if you can make a MILF orgasm with a pair of tongs. Then, we see if vibrators can make a MILF cum out her ass if positioned properly.
by positionproperly August 08, 2012
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