having sex in an in-flight airplane, technically while at least a mile above the ground
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
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Preforming any sexual thing while being in an airplane during flight, usually in the bathroom.
When I go to Florida in the spring with Mike, we are going to become members of the "Mile High Club".
by SaM* September 20, 2005
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Men and women who have had sex while flying in an airplane.
Are you a member of the mile high club?

Not yet, but I'm dying to be in it.
by kyoung April 8, 2008
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There's no official club of that name, it's just an expression, meaning sex aboard an aircraft in flight. It happens on nearly all flights, mostly with the hottest air hostesses.
There was a really hot air hostess on my flight here. The others around us appeared to be asleep, or at least lost in their thoughts, so she pulled down her nickers, wrapped my blanket around her hips, climbed on my lap, and together we joined the mile high club.
by peridos June 20, 2010
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Having sex while flying on the wings of a pterodactyl.
While flying to New Orleans on a pterodactyl's wings I screwed a random lady, while in action a boy yelled, "mommy why is your butt in my face." His mom replied,"Billy give me a second, I'm joining the mile high club."
by Cedric James January 15, 2008
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technically having sex while above ground level (usually an airplane). use to be an elite club but more and more are wanting to join the parade now.
--a movie base on the life of flight attendants.
i wanna watch that second series of the mile high club
by coach johnson August 21, 2008
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