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A female name derived from the male version "Michael". Not a widely known name, but very beautiful. Many people commonly misspronounce this name. It is pronounced Mi-kie-la.
A woman with the name of mikyla.
by mikyla April 09, 2008
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A mikyla is a magical creature that cannot be described by the word EPIC. Since EPIC is such a massive understatement of a mikyla that it is almost offensive.

A Mikyla is all that was and all that will be! A mikyla is time and space, life and death! A mikyla can see into your mind! A mikyla can see into your soouull...

When you feel a tingling sensation in your body, it is usually because you are sensing the presence of a mikyla. The nearer you get to a mikyla the stronger the vibrations get. If you get too close to one, you will feel pulsing tremors of electric currents coursing through your body. Scientific research has found that these vibrations are a result of the mikyla's majestic and powerful aura. There has been documented accounts of spontaneous combustion and sudden cellular eruption of victims who have ventured too close to a mikyla.

Even though a mikyla is a benevolent creature, it can cause immeasurable damage to many 3 dimensional objects since it's greatness is usually too much for finite substances or organisms to withstand.

A sighting of a mikyla is very rare, but usually harolds the coming of a golden age and good fortune.
Creatures that lived in Never, Never Land include, fairies, mermaids, leprechauns and a couple rare mythical creatures like a mikyla.
by Mortigal_Spockykins March 30, 2011
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A mikyla is a very interesting person. She changes her hair color about as often as as a person might shave their armpits, and she will most likely fail at spray tans. Mikyla's like tanktops in the winter time, and white skinny jeans after labor day. Do Not, i repeat, Do Not touch a mikyla's hair because you will get bitten! Mikyla's tend to know exactly how to handle any situation and have fantastic fence jumping skills. They are chill to hang out with and generally have scary little sisters. They are relentlessly photo genic so unless you want to look stupid, do not take a picture with a mikyla. Also, dont go on rollercoasters with them because they are adrenaline junkies and will try to get as close to dying as posssible without that atually happenning. You only find one per lifetime so if you do, dont let her get away because a mikyla is one of the most balanced and wonderful people you will find anywhere.
girl 1- "the cops are coming, wheres that mikyla girl?"
girl 2- "there she goes"
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
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Mikyka is a very beautiful person . She has big lips A lot of hair and a very nice shape. Sometimes she could be rude - slick in the mouth . But inside she is a very good person . Mikyla also loves lipgloss no matter what and she also likes to keep her self looking good.
by Jasontherealboss1233 June 20, 2019
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A Mikyla is a kind, loud person. She normally has green eyes, blond hair and freckled skin. She always makes her friends laugh and helps them when they need it.

She shows her emotions so her friends can comfort her. She is always there for you and I your friends with her your a very very lucky person don’t let her go.
Wouldn’t you love to be a Mikyla
by Kk_Caito April 08, 2019
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