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A word used to describe faggots who are somehow on LAX teams and the hockey team.

Their overly short and tend to have the smallest penis of anyother kind of faggot! When ecountering the mikelaneve, He/she may talk for a while about how good he is at hockey and/or lacrosse. In truth he is not very good at all he just likes to brag about it so people will think his penis is bigger than it actually is. In fact, its really a giant flabby chode.

The mikelaneve tends to stay a virgin even though everyone in his grade lost it the year before, hes still trying however but the best he can get is old men off AIM chatrooms.
"yeah im so good at Lacrosse and shit, like omg im like MVP"

"dude your such a mikelaneve"

by Steelflex Jefferson May 17, 2008
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