The mastermind that created Beavis and Butthead,King of the Hill, and Office Space.Not only is he the coolest person alive but he started the Beavis and Buthead controversy. A great person.Also see Beavis and Butthead King of the Hill and Office Space.
Teen #1:Thank God theres Beavis and Butthead

Teen #2:No! It's thank Mike Judge for Beavis and Butthead
by Dark T June 20, 2005
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not only a genius of retarded humor, but also more "sophisitcated" humor like in king of the hill and office space.
the voices he did with beavis and butthead were particularly amazing, he used tape-overs in the voices because he did both of there voices and they often speak simultaneously. he also did the teachers, and the principal's, among others.
mike judge is up there the creators of south park, and the simpsons, really advancing the cause of animated humor.
by rilesworth August 24, 2006
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