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A talented bassist, composer, and writer, most famous for his career as bassist for the excellent and celebrated band Phish. After the band's breakup in 2004, Mike entered into a collaboration with guitar legend Leo Kottke, resulting in their exploratory album, Clone, and a limited tour. Mike also appeared several times with the Benevento-Russo Duo. In 2005, he rebanded with Leo to produce a second album, Sixty Six Steps, and the two again toured.

Mike's Phish-era solo work includes the psychoanalytic Inside In, which he produced during the Hiatus. He was also the author of Mike's Corner, a column which appeared regularly in the band's publication, the Doniac-Schvice, and also on the Phish website through July of 2003. The column was adapted into a book of short stories of the same name, with illustrations by Mike's then-fiancee, Priscilla Foster. A film maker all his life, Mike has produced an independent film, Outside Out, among others; he also directed Phish's one and only music video, Down With Disease.

Mike Gordon, now in his early forties, lives in Vermont.

See also Cactus, Phish, and Mike's Groove
by annie October 25, 2005
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The bassist who also served as a songwriter and singer for the legendary jam band Phish from the mid 80's to 8/15/04 at the Coventry Festival where Phish played their last show. He is famous for his sick slap bass technique, legendary bass tone, and compositions like Mike's Song.
Mike Gordon and the Benevento/Russo Duo played a nearly hour long jam of "Foam" in Athens, GA, recently.
by ZachΓ©e ElliΓ©e September 05, 2005
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Popular in Portland Or. Famous techno star that was popularized by only singing songs about how great he is. He only released one album titled: Mike Gordon:Electronic Superstar. This album was released in 2006 under Electric Lighthouse Records. Song titles included: Feast or Famine, World's Greatest Lover, One Bad Mo'Fo, and Ballad of the Bean Eating Man.
Mike Gordon...World's Greatest Lover. (actual song lyrics, no joke)
by Wanton Raider April 23, 2009
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