Miggi is a maggie who imbraced her nickname. LOL
I yeeted Miggi out the window and she got hit by a truck.
by yeeted yeeted October 30, 2019

An awkward Mexican with malicious intent.
There is a Miggy cleaning the toilets.
by Masterhoy December 12, 2009
an among us meme

to describe if they are among us
i think they are miggy
Short for Miguelo, in Spanish meaning 'God like'. If your handle in Counter-Strike is Miggy, you are very leet, often getting the mp3s such as 'God like' and 'Unstoppable' played, and you're likely Filipino. This God like Miggy is not only as such in gaming, but in real life as well.
Wow, even playing with something as expensive as 56K, you're still Miggy!
by Garl July 31, 2006
When you go at it all night long and finish in the mouth, the ass, & the pussy in no particular order.

Miguel Cabrera ( Triple Crown Winner).
I ended up doing the Miggy last weekended with that girl I brought home from the bar.
by KP7707 November 29, 2017
One who likes to frott, normally with a frottage stick.
Miggi waved her frottage stick at the men and the women in the Disco
by Frotter September 29, 2004