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1) little crumb of bread 2) brilliant 6 year old with green eyes
I think I ain't seen nothing like Miette.
by anne August 30, 2003
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A sexy female who can do GREAT in bed. A Miette is always cracking the best jokes, and understands others. She's the type that watches and wants to help. Has a great sense a humor and loves the idea of love. Literally every Miette strives to be in love and wants to be loved. But you can only get to her spunky personality if you get to know her more.
Boy: *holds Miette in loving arms* I literally love you...
Miette: *overwhelmed in love* I love you more than even imaginable
by .real. November 25, 2016
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1. French word, for a small crumb.

2. A beautiful girl who is funny and can get along with anyone, she can still be seemingly happy even if she's going through a lot of trouble.
Miette:*clicks fingers and points at stranger*

Stranger:"uh... Okay..."

Miette:*winks* "how's it going"?

Stranger:" haha, okay then..." *slowly walks away*
by krazay0 October 16, 2016
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Annoying bitch that tries to fit in with everyone but she's just a loser
does weird faces and buys friends.
sometimes she is ok

likes to pull peoples pants down
Bec: Miette is such a naked mole rat
Adriana: Omg i know shes so annoying and tried to pull my pants down
by becissooogay November 01, 2017
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