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Incredibly cute, tiny, loving puppies that are scientifically engineered to live inside of bullets. When shot into human flesh, micropups exit the bullets and eat their way through organs and skin, effectively destroying any evidence of that person's existence. Most victims laugh hysterically before being devoured. Apparently, it's quite a ticklish sensation.
"Man, that motherfucker got shot with a micropups bullet. What a way to go."
by Resk Le Teveque July 11, 2006
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A popular card games based on the carnivorous bullets of the same name. In keeping with the micro nature of micropups, the micropups card game is a "micro" card game.

Introducing the Game.
Before the game is dealt the dealer must first announce game by simultaneously shrugging their shoulders (ever so slightly) and announcing "micropups." For more advanced players, a silent shrug often suffices.

After all antes or blinds are on the table, the dealer begins play by dealing one card face down to each player. Each player then looks at his or her cards and a standard round of betting occurs. A second face down card is dealt to each player still in the game. Another round of betting. Then comes the one community card which is dealt face up and is used in each player's hand. Another round of betting. After all the betting is done, each player still in the game will reveal their hands and determine the winner.

Hand Rank
There are no microstraights or microflushes in micropups. The highest hand is aces, followed by three kings, etc.. then two aces, two kings, etc.. and finally high card. In the case of a tie (high community card or pair) the highest kicker (the next highest card in each of the "tied" hands) takes the pot.
In micropups, the aces (often referred to in regular poker as "bullets") are called micropups because not only are they the highest card – they are cute and they will kill you.
by Peace and Carrots August 02, 2006
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A standard greeting among close friends. Can be used as a salutation, a farewell, or a non-sequitor. Often employed as a one-word indication of strong emotion or enthusiasm; as an affirmation.
A: hey, what's up?
B: micropups!
A: micropups!
by the_monk August 08, 2006
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Refers to utter destruction, or a lost cause.
"Hey man, when is your car coming back from the shop?"
"It's not dude, its been fuckin' micropupped!"
"Awwww, that sucks!"
/shrug "Whatever, snakes on a plane man...."

"So Doctor, just how bad is the Cancer?"
"Micropups, man. Micropups."
by AtotheK August 02, 2006
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