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micro - relationship - mi-cro- re-la-tion-ship n.

“sense of being incidentally related on a very small scale,” specifically of interpersonal connections which develop in bustling metropolitan areas, as a result of frequent exposure to any individual with whom you have no other overt association, including but not limited to mutual friends, professional overlap or residential proximity. A stranger who happens to appear in your sphere of experience on a regular basis and with whom it becomes necessary for you to interact.
yeah i've had a micro-relationship with the cute coffee guy who grinds the coffee at the corner store for years complete with break ups, sex (with our eyes) and make ups though we never say a word that isn't about coffee

because we have a micro-relationship the bus driver always gives me an extra few to find a seat before he puts the pedal to the metal.
by cheesemac August 16, 2012
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