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the most random girl there is. loved by her friends and somehow her enemies. her bf loves her and she life is like the twilight series.
loves to make people laugh
(complete sighlence)
mic-i love cake and coffee!
frieds burst out laughing,at mickie beccause they love her.
mic-what did i do
i just said what came to mind.
friend 1- we were just laughing at your random comment mickie.
mic-well i...hey look horsie!
by red giutarist 101 March 31, 2009
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slur for an irish person. named so because they have names such as "mcfinnigan", "mcguinness", "mcshroeder", "mcbrenner" - you get the idea.
IRA: Free Ireland!

Guy: Shut the fuck up, you mickie bastard.
by 7567267932572742502362 September 10, 2010
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