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an extremely amazing person! one of the best friends you can ever have. Maddy is a stunningly beautiful person, and attracts the attention of all the guys. Usually has lovely brown long hair and is regular in height. Knows everyone and is very popular. unfortunately regrets some things she has done, but is always positive about the future. She will help you whenever you are down, and give you advice. loves sport and will definately turn out to be successful. everyone loves to be around maddy because she is so funny, cool, smart, pretty and nice
oh she must be a maddy
by justlaughforpeace September 08, 2011

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nickname for michaela. she is a wonderful girl, very pretty, stylish, funny and nice. very outgoing and wild. she enjoys a good time and seeing friends. is very laid back around guys, and loves to party. she never forgets a good joke and you definately will not forget her.
micky: hi im michaela
friend: can i call you micky?

micky is so outgoing!

oh micky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey micky hey hey hey micky!
by justlaughforpeace September 09, 2011

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