Atraction only for McPlayGT
-Hey person! You have a boyfriend or...?
-Sorry, I'm michaelsexual
by Topercerka January 2, 2021
You’re In love with Michael MADLY in love.
friend: do you have a crush on anyone atm?

me: YES i’m michaelsexual
by michael langdons wife January 6, 2021
Being in love or attracted to Michael

Langdon for American Horror Story

Y/N:I'm so in love with Michael..

Me: u are michaelsexual
michaelsexual :
Michael Langdon ❤ your lover lol
by Morrow Langdon February 28, 2021
Michael Langdon the antichrist in American Horror Story is my only sexuality he’s the hottest devil son alive
Person “Hey girl you wanna date?”
Girl “No bitch i’m michaelsexual i’ll only date you if your a hot antichrist 🙄”
by Michaels Whore January 7, 2021
Person 1: Hey do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Person 2: Actually I’m michaelsexual.
by valntyne_ January 5, 2021