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Michael Rosen is noice
by Michaelrosen420 January 10, 2018
A Youtube phenomenon who originally possessed a small following in the United Kingdom for his children's poetry books.

When Mr. Rosen could not find anyone to republish some of his older, more obscure books, he decided to, for the public's eyes, have his son film him telling all of the stories from the books, including but not limited to "Hypnotizer" and "Michael's Big Book of Bad Things". In each of these series, Mr. Rosen would have himself filmed wearing the same outfit in the same background with similar title captions (likely one day for filming, and his son deciding to make it possess a clean sort of transition).

Mr. Rosen became popular when some very clever users on Youtube took advantage of the fact that one could sentence splice his videos due to them having a similar background/camera position, and not have to change many of the visuals present, making it very easy to make him tell rather vulgar, but hilarious, stories.
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A British children's author and poet is famous for his poems and stories, but he is an unlikely living-meme and is also famous and known by unlikely people due to a YTP of his appearance on Cbeebies posted by a channel named Insector in 2009 that just... well... really took off. The idea of sentence mixing and editing video clips of this man and making memes of him was then tried by many people. The most popular Michael Rosen meme is the 'Noice' meme, where, in the poem performance of 'Hot Food', he says a catchy line, that goes: 'Til it's cool, just cool, into the mouth, nice. Because of his accent, it sounds to many people like 'noice' and not 'nice', and that is why the word nice with an o in it is almost always associated with Michael Rosen memes. YTPs, YTPMVs, and even animated YTPs have been made of Michael's poem performances, often posted to YouTube as 'birthday collabs', where YouTube Poopers get together to make a kick-ass YTP. On the 7th May (Michael's birthday), the YTP videos are emailed to Michael himself where he gets to watch and laugh at them. His view of the collabs is unbiased, he simply doesn't want young children to mistake unclean YTPs for his actual poem performances. Some of the YTPs he thinks are very good. Others are just sordid garbage created by bored teenagers.
Guy 1: Get off the Internet and get a life.
Guy 2: I'm busy editing Michael Rosen.
by PartyCrasher546 August 30, 2021
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