The shits you get after eating a large amount of Mexican food. You can often feel the spicyness as it exits your ass.
"Chinga man, I ate 4 tacos and some salsa last night and now I got the Mexican shits! My asshole is on fire!!!!"
by Pepeman November 11, 2006
After a night of extreme drinking, you get up to take a shit. And it smells so bad that your eyes BURN.
"Steve, i could smell your mexican shit on the other side of the building... how fucked up did you get last night dude?"
by Mike D June 20, 2006
Sexual act where a woman is AC Slatering a toilet, and giving a blumpkin to a guy who is upperdecking the toilet.
Holy shit dude, I just walked into the bathroom, John and Kelly were doin some freaky ass shit.. it was a total mexican shit kitchen in there!
by darkproximity August 10, 2009
When two people sit in two bathroom stalls and neither will shit because they don't want the other person to hear them shitting.
I'm so glad we have one bathroom with two stalls for 100 people at this fucking place. I've needed to take a crap for 20 minutes but Doug and Troy are in there in a Mexican shit standoff.
by PotatoThunder December 26, 2022
the art of shitting on a persons doona cover and rolling them up in it like a burito. To achieve its fulll effect the shit should be sloppy and warm like gravy. beware of pinkeye. Have a nice smile on your face dont feel pressured into anything you dont want to do unless you are already caught in the covers.
"Dude apparently moggy was really pissin laquisha off so she decided to give moggy a gool ole mexican shit scrapper heard she got pinkey"
by MrMaternityLeave June 30, 2011
When two people are in a public bathroom stall and both are too polite or uncomfortable to let what's gonna happen happen, so they both end up sitting there for several minutes until one gives up and shits first.
Why haven't Trey and Doug been in their cubes? I swear its been all day.

Bruh, those cowards are probably in the bathroom having a mexican shit standoff.
by PotatoThunder February 1, 2022
a bucket (usually 5 gallon) of human feces left on a porch as revenge by Mexican laborers when the home's occupants fail to answer the door and allow the laborers inside to use the bathroom and/or plug in their power tools.
Haha after those vatos fixed Darryl's roof, they left a Mexican shit bucket on his porch.
by sadisto March 20, 2017