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1. Appearing to be religious (e.g., because one wears a cross on a chain, sports payos, smokes the buddah, majors in world religions, seems at peace with oneself and the world, or is a generally chill or "good" person, etc.) when actually agnostic, spiritual, athiest, humanist, nihilist, or similar.

2. A non-religious person who has an inexplicable interest in or knowledge of religion, religious fashion, and the religious lifestyle and/or enjoys taking part in religious events, ceremonies, and rituals.

Not to be confused with Metrospiritual.
I thought Jim wore a yarmulke because he was Jewish, but after I saw how he devoured that king crab, I'm betting he's just metroligious.

You can tell Sarah's metroligious by the way she always brings up how she went to Catholic school whenever someone mentions nuns.
by usman noyo March 26, 2007
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