Engaging in excessive metaphysical speculation. Especially common practice among psycics, french philosophers, and philosophy majors looking to lure unsuspecting english majors into sexual congress.
"I totally caught Pierre metabating in front of some chicks at last night's poetry slam."
by Brint October 29, 2005
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When a man or a woman puts on virtual reality goggles along with an exoskeleton sensory suit and enters the Metaverse to engage in virtual reality masturbation either alone or with a same or opposite sex partner .
Jim: Hey are you going to the bar with us tonight to meet some women?
Jack: Nah, I just bought a new virtual reality skin suit so I'm going to plug into the Metaverse and do some 1v1 metabation with your Mom.
Jim: Alright that's cool. Wait wut?
by Ambiguousgenitals March 16, 2022
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(ie. matrix being).

A being so technologically advanced that they scientifically became concious holograms / simulations living in their own matrix (metaverse / simulated dimension powered by the stars or a super-computer) and control the laws of nature.
'In the Kardashev Scale Theory, the gods are type 5 + metabeings who used their metatechnology to hack into mortals' minds, in order to appear to them, beyond humanity's current capacity to comprehend.

The mortals didn't understand how the gods' state of being was scientifically possible, so confused them as ghosts, but really they were just divine holograms.'

(Please read my definition of metatechnology for more information).
by Diana_Lucius_De_Collis March 18, 2023
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