A word short for 'memories.'
joe: We have so many good mems!
nick: yea, like when we went swimming at midnight!!
by larkylou May 14, 2014
someone who drinks bleach for a living.
my brother is a mem-mem.
by pp shlicker October 17, 2021
Short for memory, when a memorable moment occurs with the boys
Paul: *but chugs milkshake*

Tom: “That was such a fucking mem
by Jdjdgeheiebeb June 28, 2019
A meme that is lacking in its spreadability and therefore is not a meme yet. It is like the infant stage for memes.
"Guys repost my mem so it can become a meme."
by NotAGrammarGuy December 23, 2017
Memes but with out the E!! See what I did there!
Mems, one is E
by KJ3DRAY October 24, 2020
Mem short for Membrain is a kind hearted soul. One of the top 4 smartest people in the class. She goes out of her way to help Max with all his troubles. She even pays him to help him, which is so generous and kind. She coughs really loudly. She has two younger sisters who are both better than her at everything. Except the red head who idk she is different... . She has blonde hair and is really smart. She is one of the friendliest people I know.... Anyway. She plays a lot of sport and is alright at most of them. Mark likes to say that she is smoking hot because that is what he thinks of her. Goofy ah. She has little sense of self preservation as she has come into school not being able to move her neck.
Scores a couple points being slightly taller than most of the girls in the class which isn't much of an achievement. Anyway thanks mem for being awesome :)
Mem, she used her Membrain to help the class work out the problem
by MaxMinskyUndIch October 30, 2022
1. The dankest drug around that is capable of making you high enough to not have any sense of morality.

2. The drug used by "memers".
1. "You got those mems?"
2. "Can you supply me with any mems this week or am I going to have to pop a cap in your ass?"
by bilboteabaggins May 20, 2017