The answer to America's tolerance and sensitivity crisis, 'member berries are tasty morsels of organic nostalgia. 'Member berries are fresh and crisp, but make us remember the old as we consume the new. First investigated by South Park, 'member berries will restore our sense of patriotism and freedom.
We all want something new, but that makes us remember the things we love. We want to 'member. We need your 'member berries!

'Member Chewbacca?
by isblueacolor September 16, 2016
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A meta-analysis of the forces driving Donald Trump's election success, anthropomorphized as smiling grape-like fruits. Member berries represent insight by South Park's creators into the alt-right's ground game: an avalanche of references to 80s and 90s culture, noted for its repression of non-white, non-heterosexual elements, distract from the far right's contempt for the social progress achieved in the 2000s and 2010s and act as a buffer against confrontation by social progressives over the right's continued resistance. Member berries are especially powerful in the context of "family friendly" environs, such as community Facebook groups, IRC, and informally organized meetings, in that they focus the conversation on media that is likely to be less diverse in its presentation. Member berries remind the alt-right, the far-right, and the white center-right of ostensibly shared goals and create a climate of exclusion and discrimination against non-whites and non-heterosexuals. The very memory of less tolerant times is enough to create rage in the out-group, which feels invited or even obligated to act out in protest. The act outs in turn invite (or compel) "centrist" moderators to remove the excluded, thereby cutting the out-group off from the community and marginalizing its representation in debate. Once the white/hetero element is consolidated, hateful rhetoric is ratcheted up considerably and white nationalist themes become "normalized" in the group.
"'Member Chewbacca again?" "I 'member!" "'Member feeling safe? And no ISIS? 'Member when marriage was only between a man and a woman? 'Member Reagan?" "Oh yeah, I 'member!"

"Something wrong with these member berries!"
by tcaud November 26, 2016
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Opposite to 'member berries. Anti 'member berries are concerned with preserving the sanctity of the old from being consumed by the new. Commonly seen in the wild arguing the old is much better than the new without any reasonable logic other than that it isn't original anymore.
member berries: 'Member how awesome the new Star Wars was?
anti member berries: Yeah I 'member it sucking! Star Wars was only good in 1977 and now its ruined!
by CouchPotato2019 April 14, 2019
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