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A very kind person you will ever meet once you break her trust she well dislike you but she is to kind so she well forgive you she donโ€™t take shit from nobody she well laugh very weird but be extremely smart, everybody loves her.
boyfriend: I love you
Melenie: jeksnskqhfbeksmsnndjejs ( weird laugh)
by Aileen T. May 15, 2018
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The THURLEST chick you'll ever meet! With a fat ass and good looks. Oh and she's smart.
Damn that's Melenie ?
by Melenie June 18, 2018
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Melenie is a very beautiful young lady. Is often Mexican. Has long wavey hair. Has a hard time talking to people.
Guy 1: "i saw this girl with very beautiful hair today"
Guy 2:"it was probably a melenie"
by Cheergirl57 May 04, 2018
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