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she is the coolest girl in all of the land! always up for a laugh!
chelsea: "hey meldo coming out tonight?"
meldo: "hell yea:o!"
chelsea: "getting mwi"
meldo: "ooaft aye mate.. its me!"
by rachels555 July 02, 2011
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The hottest boy you will ever meet, mostly has curly hair and could be mistaken as Frodo Baggins. Gets angry quickly so when you mess with him, you better outrun his bullet
Oh no ur acting like a meldo right now!
Don't be such a meldo.
by StewartsPizza April 23, 2018
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Melissa (Girl) + Aldo (Boy) = Meldo

Hottest couple in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shit, that couple is so Meldo.

(Gilfriend to boyfriend), I wish we were so Meldo.
by kuhh91 May 23, 2011
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