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Noun. One that has difficulty bubbling their name in on the PSAT or SAT.
Guy 1: This sucks!
Guy 2: What's wrong?
Guy 1: I bubbled my name wrong on the SAT. Instead of putting Dirk, I put Dik!
Guy 1: You're a total mehan! What a loser!
by SchwiggitySchwamp February 11, 2008
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noun a person unable to make proper life decisions, and easily gets distracted. but is an alpha in everything he does.
A:man i cant concentrate in this stupid class!
B:dude just listen, but you're such a mehan

A:dude your guitar skills are amazing! you're such a mehan!
B: ik dude, but now i should try another activity. like hand gliding
by MJIN October 23, 2017
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