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A state of extreme hornyness, in which one may be prone to excessive innuendo and lowering of standards in the opposite sex. Symptoms may include a massive hard on, intense squirming and desperate flirtation.
'Look at Alex, his flirting is so tragic'
'He must have the megahorn!'

'I watched "Paul" last night'
'wow did you watch porn?'
'no, i said "paul" are you on the megahorn?'

'Oh my gosh i've got the megahorn, i'd even fuck my ex!'

'oh my gosh you have the most amazing boobs!'
'dude, control your megahorn!'

'can't come to work today...i've got the megahorn'

'i'm blowing the megahorn like an empty glass bottle'
by la estrella January 26, 2012
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