a YOUNG adult (girl or guy) who is sexually attracted to an older person! very old like 70+
*old man walking by*

Sarah: oMg he's so cute!

Zainab: ur such a medophile !
by Sarah Ashk May 25, 2011
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me - d - o - phil - i- a
men + pedofile. The deriving of sexual gratification from sexual fantasies or acts involving a youngish men with strong model like features.

me′do•phile` (-ˌfaɪl) n.
me`do•phil′i•ac, adj., n.
me`do•phil′ic, adj.
My friend rabit who is a middle age adult women has medophile tenancies towards youngish model looking men.
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by Dan1B1ue July 05, 2018
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