Canadian military slang for a military police officer. The term comes from their identifying red berets.
I wanted to sneak off base last night, but there were meatheads everywhere.
by Rob774 October 8, 2007
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In the gym, a meathead is the guy who only does mirror exercises and looks at himself frequently to see his development (imaginary or real). A mirror exercise is for a muscle that you see when you look in the mirror. These are chest, biceps and abdominals, and nothing else.
Go to any gym and you will see lots of guys (meatheads) like this. Hint: They are always in front of the mirrors.
by idiom police October 27, 2011
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A Small Brained Individual, Who thinks about nothing but Lifting Weights, Protein Shakes, NAPS, Wearing Cutoffs, Night Clubs, and impressing, women, usually 2 to 3 years younger than themselves. They Wear Shirts too small and, don’t care about school until they find out benching 350 pounds wont get them a job at the big business. Meatheads will have a myspace, showing numerous pictures of themselves flexing and showing off their polished muscles. Future involves bagging food at local convenient store. When having spare time they can be found at the local, GNC. Meatheads associate themselves as in some sort of mafia ex: Sleeveless, Mafia. In 10 years you can usually find this, mafia working a low wage job like blockbuster cashier, or of a fast food restaurant reminiscing of their high school, glory days!
Gerald is usualy a Strong Meathead name along with Carl

perfect Example
by M-Twon OH July 23, 2007
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Someone who has a log for a neck. Cant see their neck as it is so meaty, blends into their shoulders.
Look at dan, that meathead!
by Andrew Lingford June 6, 2005
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usually a overly large muscular soldier, normally infantry but can apply to special ops
that bar is where all the meatheads hang out
by Carathee December 12, 2004
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A person that nobody likes, they are obsessed with playing D-1 football even though they suck, they can't get any girls and often disgust them i.e. Kelly Bireley, and their penis is so small that when they flashed it at the pool nobody could see it.
Brad Thorson
"I asked out Kelly Bireley 7 times and got denied each time."
by TW December 20, 2004
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