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Mounding flesh accumulating on the face of the female genitals. Best used to describe a particularly protruding specimen. Generally noticed due to bright colored panties or odor.
"Let me pet your coital beard and grovel on your meat muffin."
by Andrew 3000 October 13, 2004
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Formerly a miniaturized iteration of a meat loaf; now used to replace most swear words in exclamations around polite and impolite company.
Holy meat muffins! Did you see how close I came to hitting that stupid pedestrian walking across the damn street?

Shut your filthy meat muffins! You did not go home with that guy last night?

My dad called and told me and mom that his girlfriend going to have another baby, What the meat muffins!

*Can also be used as Son of a meat muffin! Or Sweet baby meat muffins!
by Smyshlyaev's Girls March 24, 2014
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The pillowy clit bumbers on either side of a females vajayjay.
If it wasn't for her extra fluffy meat muffins, my pelvic bone would be fractured.
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by Outlaw Redneck May 09, 2018
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