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a cool fun loving person with a good personality and a hot body
Whoa! i wish i was just like marsha. i mean she is so meador
by luser32 June 26, 2008
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Meador...the name given to unknown species that live in the sewers of neighborhoods. Meadors are rarely seen and only come out at night to scavenge for food. Usually large creatures, Meadors have become who they are by being bullied by peers. If you ever come across one of these beings, please report them to the police immediately, for scientists are still studying their rare brain functions and eating habits. Meadors usually speak in small grunts or mumbles. These creatures may seem cute at first, but dont fall for their fake tears and puffy cheeks, as they are just a distraction to get you into their tummy.
Person 1: Hey! Look it's a Meador chewing on that trash can!

Person 2: WOW! I've never seen one before, but we better get out of here before it mauls us!!
by soup-time-at-marys111 August 04, 2010
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A person who has a psychological complex caused from childhood. Often times caused from being bullied by peers typically from a different race or ethnic background. It causes a compulsive obsession to arguing with other people as a sport regardless of any logic or reason. Often times, arguments can be illogical, irrational or even foolish often times. The Meador finds great peace and satisfaction in getting others to submit to his opinions and will not stop at anything until his opinion is respected. If he does not achieve this, he becomes very insecure and even more obnoxious. If he can not win his arguments, he will often use racist analogies to prove his point.

Side effects – This psychologic abuse as a child may lead him to be confused with his own identity and often leads him to believe that he is from a different race/background.

After a drawn out argument that went no where, the meador says "I don't respect your opinion because you're Asian"
by Meadoring September 16, 2008
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